Just did a week in Moab, with my Wife Janet(021150GSADV), my Son Malcolm (Xchallenge), my Brother Paul and his wife Val (07R1200GSADV), Buddy Mike and his wife Crystal (06R1200GSADV), Friend Tim and his wife Lynn (KTM640ADV) We took the ADV bikes and the Trials bikes We also took the Jeep to let the wives do stuff while we where riding, it worked out great.
Day one
 "two up day" we headed south over and behind the LaSals, and worked our way down Onion Creek, Nice easy day one warm up.

Day two
we let the women folk take the Jeep on the White Rim, not all the way just to lathrop canyon. Paul and I just played around taking pictures untill he ripped his skid plate off, damm there are rocks on the White Rim trail?? Mike , Malcolm and Tim did the whole loop, and had a blast

Sittin' on the edge, waiting for the women to catch up, having a cold one.

Even Mikie made it thru the SILT

Day 3
 was a Trials day, Slick rock is a blast, but I do not understand all the mountain bikers, don't they know about internal combustion??? it is so much fun going up the rocks.
Malcolm on his 97 Fantic, Paul on his 90 Fantic, Mike on his new Sherco 2.9, Tim on his Bete Rev3 and I was on my 02 Montessa 315R.

Day 4.
Tim and Lynn left, and Malcolm took the women in the Jeep sight seeing.
 Paul, Mike and I went out to Gemini Bridges where Mike got to the sand and said "screw this" and headed back to camp ( hanging out at Moab Brewery?), Paul and I went onward, met up with a Guy on a new KLR on a trip from the Bay area, Ken, So Ken hooked up with us and we did Spring canyon and then Long canyon back to Camp

Having fun on my GS riding solo in Spring Canyon.


Day 5
We decided to do another two up day as Mike and Crystal headed home in the early AM, So we took off thru Castle valley over to Gateway CO, down a very fun paved 141 to a dirt road (CR722) that took us back to 191, very easy but scenic.

Ate lunch here in Gateway, When did they build this place???
Part of the old water flume from the 1800's very impressive.

 Day 6
Pal and Val headed out, So Malcolm and I decided to do Lockhart Basin So we headed out over Hurrah Pass, then up Lockhart, Someone once told me not to take a GS in there, It had a few bad spots, but all where rideable on the big GS, Just had to pick a line carefully. I only took a couple of pictures as when I got to them I did not want to stop and look at it any longer than necessary. It only had about 6 or 7 rough spots with the last on a down hill set of steps that I would not wanted to go up on the GS
Pictures just don't do it justice, Photos look easy, or I should say not as bad as it was.

How did someone get this thing in there?????

Had a blast
Till next year