GS Adventure - 2500 Miles NV,ID,MT,WA and OR 6-2004
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Alexander Flat ID
Andersn Rnch Res 1 ID
Andersn Rnch res 3 ID
Andersn Rnch res 4 ID
Jim Crk Butte 2 OR
Jim Crk Butte 3OR
Wallace ID
Jim Creek Butte
Cooper Pass MT
Marble Pass OR2
Marble Pass OR3
Marble Pass OR4
McCall ID 1
Big Meadow 1 ID
Big Meadow 2 ID
Big Meadow 3 ID
Grouse 3
Grouse 1 OR
Moose 1
OR 1
OR crusin
Overlook Snake rvr cyn
Payette Lake 1 ID
Riggins ID 3
Riggins ID 2
Marble Pass OR1
Payette Lake 2 ID
Salmon Rvr ID 1
Salmon RVR 2 ID
Riggins ID 4
Idaho City bar
Riggins ID 1
Payette Lk 4 ID
Featherville ID
Jim Crk Butte 1 OR
Wallace ID 1
Wallace ID 2
Wild horses OR1
Wild horses OR2

This ride we Started in Gardnerville NV, We left early in the am. headed East across Sunrise pass staying on dirt roads all the way to Gabbs, had breakfast then headed north west through Ione then to Austin, Out of Austin we continued on the dirt all the way to Elko, we then burned highway way to Mountain Home Id. first day 614 miles 400 of the in the dirt.

Day two we headed East out past Anderson Ranch reservoir, then north through Featherville on James Crk RD , turning west to Alexander Flat on Middle Fork Rd. then north on unimproved road over the mountain to Forest road NSD 327 , west to Idaho City, Cold Beer , burger and full tank we headed north up towards Placerville on NFD 307. then to NFD 615 to Lowman Highway, which is a very nice paved highway, going east till we turn north back to the dirt in Lowman on NFD 582 Stayed on 582 till we got to NFD579, starting to rain, great dirt, up to Yellow Pine , it's about 5:00 and time to get a Draft at the local bar, found out that the route we had planned over the pass at Elk Summit still had too much Snow, Changed the plan and rode down to McCall for the night..

The morning was beautiful and headed out around the lake on the east side, to Warren Wagon Rd( NFD 21) nice paved road up to NFD246 which heads up through Burgdorf, good dirt rd, great switchbacks down to the Salmon river, stopped for breakfast in Riggins, Then up the mountain above the Salmon on NFD241 then dropping down to Whitebird. Took the old highway up to Grangeville turning on to HWY 13 to Kooskia. Took Kidder Ridge Rd north which is now a paved road, come to find out Idaho is paving allot of roads up here that in the past have been very nice dirt roads. took that to Pierce and had a stop at the local pub. Took French Mountain Rd which is also paved ,, Sport bikes would love this road New pavement and no straight-aways, just peg to peg turns, aWesome!. Turns to dirt about 30 miles in , good road following the N.Fork of the Clearwater river following signs to Superior MT. Burned Freeway to St Regis , then onto Twelve mile over the top down to Thompson Falls. End of day three. Odometer = 1284 miles total

After two day visit in Thompson Falls, we headed out on Prospect crk Rd to Cooper pass, Great GS road over to Wallace ID, had breakfast in an old hotel, bunch of Harley riders there, I'm wearing my "Function before Style" shirt, Shows a full dress harley with a chain going up to a boat . Anyway after a few dirty looks we headed out on ( Placer Crk Rd NFD 456) a few miles out turned right on NFD 225 the absolute best dirt road I have been on on the GS, Great views, great dirt ( Rained the day before) , incredible forest's. Headed over towards Avery. Turned right onto Paved road along the St. Joe River after a few miles turned left over the river on Marble Creek Rd (NFD351) over to Clarkia. Watched the local motocross, great looking natural terrain track. We headed west on NFD 504 just north of the MX track, that tied into NFD447. turned left onto HWY 6 to Potlach ID. then to Palouse, South on HWY 27 to Pullman then back roads to the Snake river northwest of Clarkston WA. Had an Effie Burger and a beer in Lewiston, ID. After lunch we headed south past Asotin following the Snake River then turning right onto Joseph Creek Rd, to Horse Creek road that goes to the top of the ridge above Hells Canyon, what a view! Great GS road, dropped down to Joseph OR, took the HWy to La Grande for the Night.

Day five had us head out on back roads south west of the interstate to Marble Pass Lots of rocks, GS works great. down to HWY 7 east to HWY 245 a great piece of pavement . Turned east on Bridgeport rd the south on Malheur Reservoir Rd. to HWY 26 went into to Brogan for Gas. West on 26 16 miles to Bonita Rd. good dirt rd going south, Antelope running out there, cool. Stopped in Harper for a cold drink, Locals said they would not do the road south and suggested we top off our tanks, so we did.Went south on the road anyway Headed south from Harper on a dirt road with a few rocky section not bad at all. crossed HWY 78 continuing south FAST dirt roads crusin @ 80+ then wham six Grouse fly out nailed one , Cut him plum inhalf, broke my yellow fender , lots of blood out of that sucker, looking ahead see very dark skies, we gear up for rain and we hit a downpour, New Arai XD works great. get to Denio, our planned stop for the night -- hotel closed no gas! Shit odo say 200 miles and was crusin at 80, nearest gas 80 miles, cruz hwy towards Winemucca, Get gas at 287 on odo takes 7.4 gals, gotta love the Adventure tank. decide to stay in Winnemucca, get there eat fast food and decide to burn hwy home ( 180miles) great warm evening just after a rain, put in new 5 hr minidisc, get home at 10pm final day over 700 miles Total for trip 2546 miles, No flats no problems ( except for that damm grouse) and have whole extra day to clean the bikes
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