Capels Lake trail 9-6-08
With Malcolm on his 310 Husky and me on my 300KLX
It was fun untill we decided to forge the river and it took a long time to get the bikes running good again, I do not know where all the water was hiding
Once we got the bikes running again is was a blast.

Should have brought the Trials bikes

Do to the High water ( they are draining a lake up above)
Malcolm wanted to cross on the Log, Scared the Crap out of me, No way I could do it. They were draining the lake above so the water levels were very high, in the picture below the water is about 6-7 feet deep, So went looking for a shallower place to cross

Below Malcom tested the water, "We can Cross Here"

Err a little help ,, Please!

Another fine switch back, 

It is steeper than it looks, Fun trail